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Legal Tips for Integrative Health Professionals: Why it Pays to be Legally Covered

Why to Pays to Be Legally Covered By: Lisa Fraley, MUIH Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) Guest Faculty, JD, CHHC, AADP, Legal Coach®, Attorney, Speaker & #1 Best Selling Author If you’re like most holistic health entrepreneurs, you’re probably thinking: The last thing I want to do is deal with the legal stuff in my […]

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Why Sports Nutrition is Changing and Becoming a Required Subspeciality

by Dr. Oscar Coetzee – Associate Professor/Clinician/Researcher What is Sports Nutrition? Nutrition is one of the fastest growing professions in the world according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics. It will grow as a profession between 15% – 22% in the next five years, and it is estimated due to the chronic illness in […]

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Integrative Health at MUIH

Integrative health is commonly defined as the coordinated use of multiple health approaches in health care, and it also describes a holistic perspective of what it is to be healthy. At MUIH, we promote integrative health as a holistic approach to health and well-being. We consider the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual domains of health […]

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Trauma Recovery in Our Collective Pandemic Experience

Trauma Recovery in Our Collective Pandemic Experience We have been living under the spectre of a global pandemic for a long time. To varying degrees and in diverse ways, we are all feeling it. Whether you are grieving lost loved ones, suffering long stretches alone, rising to the demand of being a front-line worker – […]

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Consider Becoming a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition

At the Maryland University of Integrative Health, our Doctor of Clinical Nutrition (DCN) program is one of the only two doctoral programs in the country offering advanced training and education in integrative and functional nutrition. We encourage any registered dietitians, nutritionists, and other clinicians who are interested in advancing their nutrition-related skills and knowledge to […]

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