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7 Tips for Springtime Health

The transition from winter to spring can be challenging for our bodies. The shift in seasons and increase in allergens can affect our sleep patterns, energy levels, and mood. When we are mindful of these changes and take intentional steps, it can be easy to support our health during this time.   Bevin Claire, Program Director […]

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MUIH Students Find Success After Graduation

Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) is committed to supporting students in their journey to reach their career goals in integrative health. The Office of Career Services has been assisting MUIH students and alumni since 2017, with services such as career counseling, entrepreneurial advice, professional opportunities and more.  In 2022, Director of Career Services, Robert […]

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The Enduring Legacy of the NADA Protocol

In the 1970’s following the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War and soldiers returning home, communities all over the United States were suffering – especially marginalized, lower income Black, Brown and BIPOC communities.  In the South Bronx in New York, people were suffering in the wake of preventable diseases because of a lack of access […]

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5 Tips to Improve Your Heart Health

February is American Heart Month, and while this is an important topic all year round, this is a wonderful time to raise awareness about making changes and choices to improve cardiovascular health. Understanding the root causes of heart disease can guide the development of preventative strategies, such as the use of integrative medicine and a […]

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Gratitude and Athletic Performance: Getting a “Protective” Edge

“Grateful athletes do not rely on winning… They want to win, but appreciate their process, the competition, and the challenge.” – John Haime  Did you know that gratitude can give you an edge in physical performance and competition?   Athletes with tremendous gratitude may be less likely to fall prey to physical or emotional burnout!   Research […]

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