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Acupuncture via Telehealth: How it works and why it’s necessary?

In the uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m often asked “how is work going?”  This exchange usually leads to the person asking me: “How can your students do acupuncture via telehealth?  You can’t needle someone through a screen.” That statement highlights a widespread misconception of acupuncture.  Most Americans don’t realize it is but one […]

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Tips to Evaluating Integrative Health Information

Trusting the Experts – 3 Tips to Evaluating Integrative Health Information Author: Daryl Nault If you have ever attended an educational seminar, clinical workshop, or read an editorial written by a clinical professional, you’ve likely been exposed to expert advice. More than ever, experts may also share information online through blogs, vlogs, and even social […]

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Health and Wellness partnership announced between MUIH & Saldago de Saude

Maryland University of Integrative Health and Instituto Salgado de Saúde Integral announce international partnership Laurel, Md.— Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) and Instituto Salgado de Saúde Integral (Salgado Institute) announced today that they have signed an international health and wellness partnership agreement. MUIH and Salgado Institute (Brazil) have entered into this partnership with the […]

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MUIH Introduces Services at Howard County General Hospital

Maryland University of Integrative Health’s Natural Care Center introduces a new collaboration with the Claudia Mayer/Tina Broccolino Cancer Resource Center at Howard County General Hospital. The expanded range of therapies will support members in the local community, including cancer patients. “One of the most beneficial aspects of the Natural Care Center is its deep connection […]

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Medicare Coverage for Acupuncture Holds Promise for Patients

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) announced some historic and exciting news: In CMS’ January 21st decision memo it formally announced it would reimburse acupuncture for chronic low back pain for Medicare recipients. This is a significant milestone on the path to getting acupuncture widely recognized for its ability to help the public with […]

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