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Interview with Holly Chittum, Winner of President’s Award at MUIH Research Day

We interviewed Holly Chittum, winner of the President’s Award for her research poster at this year’s Research Day. She discusses her research on American ginseng and explains why more research needs to be done in the herbal field.

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Recent Additions to the Library Collection

Recent additions to the collection at the Sherman Cohn Library, beginning April 2, 2013

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Five Top Wintertime Herbs

When I think of some of my favorite wintertime herbs, I am drawn to warming, moving, and nurturing plants that help provide balance to the colder, more sluggish and stark energies of winter. As a believer in food as our primary medicine, I have chosen herbs that can all be added to one’s meals or sipped on as an enjoyable tea—bringing our medicine into our daily lives with ease.

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Eat Seasonal: Late Summer/Fall

There are many good reasons why we should eat more local foods. Reducing transport costs and emissions, higher nutritional value, and support of the local economy are all new ways to support the world and the body we live in. Eating seasonally helps us to reconnect to nature’s cycles and the passage of time. But most importantly, local seasonal food is fresher and tends to be tastier and more nutritious.

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