Student Policies

No. Title
1015 Non-Discrimination Policy
1020 Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Assault, and Retaliation Policy
1065 Children on Campus
2040 Student Refund Policy
5000 Emergency Closing
6000 Academic Integrity
6005 Program Completion and Program Extension Policy
6010 Satisfactory Academic Progress
6015 Academic Citation and Format Standard
6020 Attendance and Participation Standard
6021 Religious Observances
6025 Academic Communication Standard
6030 Course Audit Policy
6035 Grading in Academic Courses
6040 Request, Approval, and Contract for Grade of Incomplete
6041 Request, Approval, and Contract for Grade of Incomplete in Clinic Courses
6045 Transfer Credits
6050 Course Drop and Withdrawal
6051 Unofficial Withdrawal Policy
6055 Voluntary Break in Enrollment
6060 Change or Addition of Program or Curriculum Policy
6065 Assignment of Credit Hours
6070 Program and University Withdrawal Policy
6075 Earning Multiple Degrees or Certificates
6080 Academic Standing Policy
6085 Academic Re-Instatement Policy
7000 Code of Student Conduct
7005 Student Grievances
7010 Disability Services
8005 Teaching Clinical Protocol Violation

Student Forms

Academic Appeals Petition Form
Accommodations Request Form
Audit Registration Form
Business Card Order Form for Clinic Interns
Change of Name Form
Change or Addition of Program/Curriculum Form
Course Add/Drop/Withdrawal From
Discrimination Complaint Reporting Form
FERPA Consent Release Form
Grade Appeal Form
Independent Study Registration Form
Non-Degree Course Registration Form
Petition for Exception to Academic Policy
Program or University Withdrawal Form
Request for Incomplete Grade
Request to Enroll in Courses Outside of Curriculum
Request for Program Extension Form
Student Grievance Form
Transfer Credit Form
Title IV Credit Balance Authorization Form
Voluntary Break in Enrollment Form


Student Handbooks