Welcome to our Community Resources page, dedicated to delivering you happenings occurring in the virtual space. At MUIH, we not only talk about community, we believe in the power of community and strive to function as a community. With the recent events taking place, we are asking our community members to submit materials, ideas, and suggestions to share with all members of our community. We would like to post the name of the submitter and the relationship to MUIH if you give us permission. Please use the form below to submit your offerings. (submissions are subject to review and approval). 

Book Suggestions

Beyond Meditation: Making Mindfulness Accessible for Everyone

Mandala Coloring Book

The Transformation: Discovering Wholeness and Healing After Trauma


Connecting with Family, Friends and Classmates

Netflix Party




MUIH Wellness Calendar

January Wellness Calendar

February Wellness Calendar

March Wellness Calendar

May Wellness Calendar

June Wellness Calendar

July Wellness Calendar

August Wellness Calendar

September Wellness Calendar

October Wellness Calendar

November Wellness Calendar

December Wellness Calendar


Physical Fitness

Downdog Yoga App


All Fitness


Podcast Suggestions

One Thing With Dr. Adam Rinde

Wellness Warriors

Higher Self Podcast by Sahara Rose



Gratitude: A Mindful Pause Journal


Kids Activities and Others:

Kids Just Want to Have Snacks!

Rosetta Stone

Nature Observation: Watching Spring Bloom



Headspace App

Calm App

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine (free online-groups available)

Self-care Resources

Self-Care Tips for the Black Community, by Rachel Voss


Recipes and Nutrition:

Simple Watercress Salad with Citrus Dressing

Lentil Maitake Burgers with Sundried Tomatoes and Thyme

Crunchy Apple Almond Slaw

Season’s Bounty Salad

Go Green Smoothie

Giant Foods Nutrition Events

See more Recipes >


Staying Healthy and Well At-Home:

Evolving Concepts of Health

What is Qigong and what can it do for me?

What is So Amazing About Using Herbs to Promote Gut Health?

Mind-Body Webinar Series


MUIH Events at a Distance (For Students, Alumni, Faculty/Staff – Check your email for zoom links):


4-4:40, Guided Meditation and Reflection


8-8:30, Setting Intentions for the Week Ahead

8-9, Holding Space: A Student Cafe


12-12:30, Wellness Yoga

3pm, Meditation Tuesdays


12-1, Together We Stand: Stress and Coping Student Group


12-12:30, Wellness Yoga


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