Welcome to Your Acupuncture Treatment.

We hope that you find the experience of this simple, profound, nature based treatment to be peaceful, quiet and enriching.

Things to remember for a Safe Auricular Experience

  • Do not walk with needles in your ears
  • Raise your hand if a needle falls out or you feel unwell
  • Store coats and bags under your chairs
  • Turn off cell phones
  • If you find a needle on your person when you leave here, put the needle in an impervious bottle, put the lid on, and discard the bottle in the trash

What is Auricular Acupuncture?

  • This auricular (ear) treatment affects the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. While it is not meant to “fix” any particular ailment(s), it is meant to support you throughout your day and bring ease to your life, both privately and in community.Your experience and any resulting benefits (better sleep, balanced mood, reduced fatigue, etc.) will tell you if acupuncture is right for you. Most people experience greater ease following this treatment; however, there are those that experience other reactions. If you become dizzy, nauseous, develop a headache, or experience discomfort of any kind, please raise your hand and tell your practitioner so that they can remove the needles and tend to you immediately.
Interested in Full Body Acupuncture?
  • Visit www.muih.edu/health-resources/find-practitioner, put the word “acupuncture” in the “type of practitioner” box and input your zip code.
  • Call the MUIH Natural Care Center to request a student practitioner at 443-906-5794, or ask your practitioner today if they are accepting new patients.

Spirit of the 5 Needle Auricular Treatment

NEEDLE ONE. This point correlates to serenity – the calm, peaceful knowing that comes without doubt or scrutiny. It slows the mind, calms circular thinking, and guides the body towards a less reactionary response. It brings forth the relaxed energy of late summer. This Earth point’s gift is empathy.

NEEDLE TWO. This point, known as “Spirit Gate,” engenders a greater connection to self and others. It oversees the body’s circulation, the movement of blood, and the heart’s ability to love, exercise self-control, and communicate. It ignites the joyous energy of high summer. Love and a light heart are the gifts of this Fire point.

NEEDLE THREE. This point helps turn fear into courage, while providing calm and peace. Its correspondence with winter’s powerful yet quiet energy, helps to create a deep connection with both one’s ancestral wisdom and one’s inherent power. This Water point’s gift is still and intentional listening.

NEEDLE FOUR. This point is brings forth creativity, hope, planning, and vision. Its spring energy reawakens the promise of tomorrow and the possibility for growth and change. One’s ability for transformation comes from this energy and helps to keep life moving forward. Hope is the gift of this Wood point.

NEEDLE FIVE. This final point is associated with the ability to keep what is valuable and to let the rest go physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In doing so, space is provided for greater possibilities. The corresponding season is autumn and its connection is with grief and awe. Acknowledgment is the Metal point’s gift.

Interested in coming to us for Auricular Acupuncture?

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