Bevin is a clinical herbalist and nutritionist with a deep love of plants and plant people. Her work as an herbalist has taken her around the globe as a professional and life-long learner. An accomplished author and presenter, Bevin has spoken around the globe, published peer-reviewed papers, and is the author or Spice Apothecary (2020).

Professional Narrative

Bevin has dedicated her professional life to herbalism and herbalists and the desire to ensure herbalism as a viable career for diverse models of traditional and contemporary herbal medicine. Bevin is the former president of the American Herbalists Guild and a board member for over 20 years where she worked to sustain a model of herbalism which encouraged professional success, integration into healthcare, and greater recognition for herbalists while ensuring that all models of herbalism had the freedom to be practiced.

As a nutritionist, Bevin believes in the beauty and deliciousness of whole-food, culturally rich diet and nutrition, and her frequent travels to many parts of the globe bring great joy and enrichment to her philosophy of nutrition practice. An avid believer in the medicinal action and accessibility of culinary spices, Bevin published Spice Apothecary with Storey Books in 2020. Bevin is a board member of the United Plant Savers, a group working to protect and steward at risk medicinal plants from overharvesting and environmental destruction.

Bevin resides in Maryland with her two children, has wild gardens, loves the weeds and the flowers and nibbles on both, and looks forward to sharing her love of herbal medicine with her students and peers.


Bevin teaches and holds a variety of courses in the MS in Clinical Herbal Medicine program (HRB738, HRB759, HRB641, HRB731, HRB732, HRB624) as well as a food and culture elective in the nutrition program (NUTR671).

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