Brooke has been on faculty since 2017 and has over a decade of experience in nutrition in her private practice. She is a Certified Nutrition Specialist practitioner and a Licensed Nutritionist in Maryland.

Professional Narrative

Brooke has a particular interest in clinical work relating to fertility, digestive disorders and metabolic disease. She took her clinical practice entirely virtual in 2020 and has been enjoying expanding her work with clients across the country.




Clinical Skills


Personal Narrative

I believe in...
Our bodies have an incredible ability to heal. Our minds are powerful and developing a healing mindset is foundational to recovering our health. Laughter, joy and gratitude are the best medicine. Sleep is an essential nutrient.

You can find me...
Working in my garden, spending time with family and friends, on Zoom calls with incredible clients, making delicious and nutrient dense food, listening to podcasts, at the beach, and walking the best dog in the world, Clay.

Daily rituals...
Sunshine, matcha lattes, smoothies, epsom salt baths, gratitude, stretching, staying hydrated and good natural skincare.

I'm not about...
Limiting beliefs, shame, watching the news, comparison, or a one size fits all approach.

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