Ms. O’Toole is a creator and director of innovative oncology supportive care programs and advocates for access to quality integrative cancer care. She has designed and led professional trainings, authored books on creating personal healing plans and offers integrative navigation and spiritual companioning to individuals around the country.

Professional Narrative

Ms. O’Toole has over 25 years of experience serving the cancer community. She is the author of two books on integrative cancer care and developing personal healing plans: "Healing Outside the Margins" and "Cancer Community Healing Network". She has been a national advocate for integrative cancer care throughout her career. Ms. O’Toole is credited with having developed a model for integrative cancer care navigation, established and directed the Institute for Integrative Oncology Navigation, and co-created a national professional training program in integrative oncology navigation for Smith Center for Healing and the Arts in Washington, DC. While there, she also directed in-person residential and virtual retreats, the Center’s signature program credited with transforming the cancer experience for its participants.

After becoming a certified Spiritual Director, she is now in private practice, offering integrative navigation and spiritual companioning services to individuals around the country.

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