Over the last 11 years as a doctor of spiritual 5 element acupuncture, Dr. Dex using a results based philosophy, along with educational self-care techniques, enlightens and demonstrates to students the powerful ability of our bodies and minds to change.

Professional Narrative

Dr. Dex has brought acupuncture's evidence-based transformative healing technique to Meditteranean and Northern Europe, the Middle East, South and Central Americas, Mexico, Canada, and the Carribean islands, and has been published in the Journal of Asian Medicine (2021). He is currently a clinic faculty member at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, where he also serves as adjunct faculty and faculty senate member.

Dr. Dex has been a practicing psychic/medium and astrologer since 2001. He has written horoscopes for newspaper, magazine copy, and was a regular guest on NuSpirit talk radio out of NYC in 2011. He has taught and published articles on psychic self-development and astrological understanding of our psychology. He has done research into personality studies at the University of Hartford, and offered astrological, tarot, and spiritual conversations on love and relationships for the public via private practice. He also does weekly LIVE Facebook psychic readings on his show “Love 911 Tarot” on Facebook and Instagram, and the Takeover Legends show on MediaRoom360tv offering coaching to clients on love, sex, relationships, family, money, and career. As a medium, he also reconnects clients with loved ones who are dearly departed should they wish it.

Selected Publications & Presentations



AOM 746 Transforming and Healing the Emotions

APP 710 Healing Presence V

Personal Narrative

There is no life without spirit. My personal promise in being is that individuals are invited to enter into discussions that make life worth living.

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