Emily has more than 15 years experience in the field of nutrition, exercise, as well as health and wellness. Her experience has been in a variety of different settings, hospitals, clinics, long term care, universities, worksite wellness, behavioral health and community health. Emily currently is focusing on worksite wellness as her full time job.

Professional Narrative

As a registered dietitian for many years, I have worked in a variety of healthcare and wellness settings; inluding inpatient, outpatient, community, long-term care, behavioral health, eating disorders, as well as teaching in college classrooms. My main focus has always been nutrition, but has shifted to wellness and lifestyle, which definitely includes nutrition. I like to focus on all the aspects of wellness and treat every person as a unique case, I do not believe there is a cookie cutter approach to well-being and health. I do believe tiny habits and realistic goals can make a big difference in the world of nutrition, health and wellness. Integrative and functional nutrition have had a big impact in the preventative and treatment world, I am here to show how important and useful lifestyle and nutrition are, for everyone, at every stage of life and every state of health.

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