Jeff Kaminski is a Certified Yoga Therapist with over two decades of personal yoga practice. He believes opportunities and challenges met through life cultivate and define our journey toward self-discovery and empowerment. His experiences honed a strong sense of purpose and vision in support of learning, wellness, connection, and self-advocacy.

Professional Narrative

Jeff Kaminski, MS, C-IAYT, is a Certified Yoga Therapist and the Owner of Om Advantage. He is a member of MUIH's Faculty Senate. His comprehensive communications, program management, clinical, and educational experience honed a strong sense of purpose and vision in support of learning, wellness, connection, and self-advocacy. In addition to earning his MS in Yoga Therapy at MUIH, Jeff's educational journey also encompasses a BA in Communications and a certification in American Sign Language. His career experience spans years in the public-school sector designing behavior and communication strategies for Deaf students and students with Autism, managing programs and communications in higher education and professional association environments, and offering yoga therapy to private clients and via workshops. Yoga Therapy collaborations have included a pilot wellness program for the DC Office of Employment Services to support residents re-entering the workforce after incarceration or drug treatment programs, creating adaptive yoga and mindfulness sessions for a DC pediatric center in support of adolescents with special needs and their parents/caretakers, creating virtual wellness lounges for medical student school fairs, and co-creating a workshop to support teachers with students with generalized anxiety disorder. In addition to MUIH, Jeff also works with the MedBiquitous Program at the Association of American Medical Colleges, which supports the creation, adoption, and implementation of data standards for the health professions education and credentialing community.


Mentored Yoga Therapy Student Clinic II (YOGA645)

Mentored Yoga Therapy Student Clinic III (YOGA646)

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