Dr. Peppers-Citizen has more than 35 years of military and business leadership experience in various senior-level capacities. During that time, she also studied holistic health and wellness and embraced the practice of yoga 26 years ago, studying multiple traditions.

Professional Narrative

Cultivating collaboration, community, and partnerships are the center of Marilyn's experience. In her work with private clients and small groups, she uses gentle movement, breathing techniques, and other wellness tools to address individual lifestyle concerns.

Dr. Peppers-Citizen uses a balanced and integrative approach to physical, emotional, and spiritual connection and support to mentor clients on their journeys of aging well. She approaches achieving health and wellness through yoga and lifestyle. She is also certified in functional aging and a Brain Longevity® specialist.

Dr. Peppers-Citizen has taught accessible fitness, yoga, and meditation to various communities and to veterans and their families and caregivers through the Art of Movement and the Military in the Arts initiative at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, VA. She is a retired Air Force Colonel experienced in strategic planning, international and interagency collaboration, logistics planning and integration, and program management.

She currently serves on the board of directors for the Black Yoga Teachers Alliance (BYTA) and the Integrative Rest Institute (iRest®).

Personal Narrative

Marilyn is an aromatherapist and member of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists research committee and the Aromatic Research Quality Appraisal Taskforce, a grassroots effort to appraise and create meaningful standards for nonpharmacologic aromatic research.

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