Dr. Kneessi attended Salisbury University and earned a bachelor degree in Exercise Science. Dr. Kneessi decided to further his education in health and attended National University of Health Sciences located in Lombard, IL. Upon graduating from NUHS and passing all board examinations, he opened up practice in Annapolis, MD.

Professional Narrative

Dr. Kneessi practices Naturopathic Medicine. The primary objective of naturopathic medicine is to achieve the highest possible levels of health by uncovering and addressing the underlying root cause of poor health. Focusing on prevention and the use of natural therapies, naturopathic doctors stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself. Dr. Kneessi has attended seminars and webinars that focus on inflammation, oxidative stress, blood glucose dysfunction, blood glucose management, functional blood chemistry, nutritional approaches for neurological issues, methylation, heart disease, and mitochondrial health.


Applied Clinical Nutrition I

Physiology I: Healthy Function

Nutritional Approaches to Detoxification

Integrative and Functional Nutrition in Endocrine and Energy Health

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