Dr. Labelle has been teaching at MUIH since 2015. She teaches COA610, COA620 and COA660, and is a mentor coach and an assessor.

She taught also at other diverse universities: HÉC Montreal, Concordia, ETS and Laval University, both for the credited and non-credited programs.

She did her Ph.D. in Education.

Professional Narrative

I am now an individual coach.

I was also facilitator, consultant and trainer with Health Canada and numerous organizations. I am also CHE Fellow certified for the Canadian College of Health Leaders and a member of the Canadian Physician Coaches Network.

I have taught Leadership and mobilization for executives and new executives in the health sector for Laval University for more than 10 years and facilitated the peer-mentoring program at WXN (Women Executive Network).

I was a management coach at Bombardier Aerospace and has over 10 years of experience in IT on how to use technology strategically.

I also taught at Montreal University, Bishop’s, ETS and Concordia University.

Personal Narrative

I have strong spiritual values.

I garden, hike, walk and bike.

I also am learning piano and I like reading.

I used to dance tango.

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