Updated: February 6th, 2023

“Grateful athletes do not rely on winning… They want to win, but appreciate their process, the competition, and the challenge.”

– John Haime 

Did you know that gratitude can give you an edge in physical performance and competition?  

Athletes with tremendous gratitude may be less likely to fall prey to physical or emotional burnout!  

Research published in February 7, 2021 in Sage Journals found that athletes who were higher in gratitude experienced fewer symptoms of burnout and tended to have more supportive relationships with their coaches. These findings are consistent with prior research on the relationship-building capacity of appreciation and its general boost to well-being and performance. 

Even if you are not an athlete, this is good news: whatever physical or competitive activities you participate in, cultivating gratitude can help you stay healthy and avoid burnout. 

Gratitude Action Step 

During your regular participation in sports, exercise, or any other physical or competitive activity this week, try to approach it from a perspective of gratitude. Cultivate gratitude for the action itself, the resources that make it possible, your team or supporters, and even your competitors; after all, without worthy competitors, there would be no competition!