Updated: November 4th, 2020

This past weekend (Nov. 6 – 10), six of MUIH’s herbal medicine faculty and two alumni were invited to speak at the American Herbalists Guild (AHG) Annual Symposium in Pine Mountain, Georgia.

AHG is the country’s largest organization representing the goals and voices of herbalists who specialize in using herbs medicinally and therapeutically. This year’s symposium also coincided with the Guild’s 25th anniversary.  Many MUIH alumni and faculty are closely involved with AHG including herbal medicine alumna Mimi Hernandez, who serves as its executive director, and Bevin Clare, MUIH associate professor and AHG vice president, director of education, and symposium committee chair.

“The symbiosis of the relationship between MUIH and the AHG is one which fosters excellence in clinical herbalism and a strong connection to community,” said Bevin Clare. “It’s a privilege and an honor to serve both of these institutions as they promote the contemporary practice of herbalism in modern times. It’s a natural progression to see many faculty and alumni participating in the AHG as members, staff, and leadership officers. The organization and symposium brings together friends from all corners of the country to celebrate a life intimate with plants.”

Speaking at this year’s symposium were MUIH faculty members Bevin Clare, Camille Freeman, Michael Tims, James Snow, Kevin Spelman, and Claudia Joy Wingo. Also speaking were MUIH herbal program alumni Larken Bunce and Holli Richey.  To read more about what they each spoke about and download poster abstracts, click here.