Updated: November 5th, 2020

With Beth Romanski, Program Director of Professional and Continuing Education and Dr. Sarica Cernohous

Beth: How did you first become introduced to bacteriophage therapy?

Sarica: I first learned of this therapy by way of supplement creation based off the practice, by my main supplement supplier.  I had never heard of such a thing before, but it struck me as an incredibly smart protocol. 

Beth: As a holistic nutritionist, how has this knowledge influenced your practice?

 Sarica: As a doctor of acupuncture and Chinese medicine who works with patients related to nutrition and health challenges, it has been wonderful to have very directed therapy if we find that a patient is challenged with one of the bacteria that are found in a given bacteriophage supplement product. On a broader scale, it has been wonderful to see the use of this practice in other arenas, where people are using it in life-threatening situations to recover from otherwise seemingly hopeless outcomes.

Beth: Why should all integrative health practitioners and others want to learn about this emerging protocol?

Sarica: This therapy is relatively new to us in the west, but has been diligently pursued in other parts of the world, so being aware of this therapy will only benefit practitioners as they consider treatment protocols for patients who are challenged with recalcitrant, antibiotic resistant infections. While access to bacteriophage preparations may be limited now, I believe this therapy will continue to grow in popularity and availability.

Learn more about this important therapy and earn CEUs at https://ce.muih.edu/browse/ce/courses/introduction-to-bacteriophage-therapy-master-class