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MUIH offers the only M.S. Clinical Herbal Medicine program from a regionally accredited university. Learn about the healing power of herbs from a leading academic institution for natural and integrative health in the nation. The program prepares students to apply the principles, practices, and concepts in herbal medicine to the development and implementation of clinical strategies and real-world solutions. Students integrate scientific evidence with tradition and practical herbal experiences for integration into the contemporary healthcare environment. MUIH’s program empowers students with the critical thinking skills, health information literacy and expertise in herbal medicine to become clinical herbalists and leaders in the integration of herbal medicine into modern healthcare.

Students gain knowledge through practical experiences in an experiential learning program that offers unique opportunities through MUIH’s herbal dispensary and garden.

Credits Per Trimester
6 trimesters
Trimester of Entry
Fall, Spring

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Apr 05

Comparing Herbal Medicine Programs at MUIH

MUIH offers six programs that focus on the medicinal use of herbs. In all of these, plants are used as a primary therapeutic and health promotion tool.

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I love the versatility of herbs. They allow me to provide a means to help people that the biomedical system might overlook. Herbs come in endless variety, with combinations of chemical compounds only dreamt about in the lab.

-Myron Kimbel-Marvel, Master of Science in Therapeutic Herbalism (Clinical Concentration) Alum

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