Updated: August 27th, 2020

Laurel, Md. – Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) Professional Continuing Education program is pleased to announce a new partnership with Integrative Medicine for the Underserved (IM4US). MUIH and IM4US have entered this educational collaboration with the shared goal of promoting the use of holistic and integrative approaches to promote wellbeing for underserved individuals and communities. This collaboration expands MUIH’s role in supporting the health and wellness of Maryland’s residents to a broader national reach through integrative health and medicine. MUIH’s Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) Department offers a wide range of professional development courses in a hybrid format that provides the flexibility for the public, and healthcare professionals with the opportunity to sharpen their skills, develop new areas of expertise, and earn additional credentials.

“MUIH’s PCE program is proud to welcome IM4US as a new partner to spotlight the field of integrative health through mission-driven collaborations.  Through our evidence-based, continuing education opportunities, PCE aims to support multidisciplinary team members in their professional development goals, empowering them to add to their knowledge and credentials to further support their clients and patients health and wellbeing with a whole-person approach,” said Beth Romanski, director of professional and continuing education at MUIH.

“In an effort to provide access to more integrative health educational resources to our multidisciplinary members, IM4US is pleased to announce a new partnership with MUIH. We will now be sharing MUIH PCE courses at discounts to our members so that they may continue to advance and update their knowledge in the areas of nutrition, botanical medicine, stress resilience, and self-care,” said Udaya Thomas, MSN, MPH, APRN, Board President, IM4US.

MUIH offers masters and doctoral degrees and graduate certificates in a wide range of disciplines that prepare practitioners and professionals to support underserved individuals and communities. These include programs in acupuncture, Ayurveda, cannabis science, health promotion, health and wellness coaching, herbal medicine, integrative health studies, narrative health, nutrition, workplace wellness, and yoga therapy.


About Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH)

Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) is a leading academic institution focused on the study and practice of integrative health and wellness and one of the few universities in the U.S. dedicated solely to such practices. Deeply rooted in a holistic philosophy, its model for integrative health and wellness is grounded in whole-person, relationship-centered, evidence-informed care.

Since 1974, MUIH has been a values-driven community educating practitioners and professionals to become future health and wellness leaders through transformative programs grounded in traditional wisdom and contemporary science. MUIH has more than 20 progressive, graduate degree programs in a wide range of disciplines, offered on-campus and online. In the on-campus Natural Care Center and community outreach settings, MUIH provides compassionate and affordable healthcare from student interns and professional practitioners, which delivers more than 20,000 clinical treatments and consultations each year. For more information visit www.muih.edu.


Integrative Medicine for the Underserved (IM4US)

Integrative Medicine for the Underserved (IM4US) is a collaborative, multidisciplinary group of people committed to affordable, accessible integrative health care for all. Through outreach, education, research, and advocacy, we support those dedicated to promoting health in underserved populations. Together we work to shift the current paradigm towards equity, wellness, prevention, patient empowerment, and self-care. IM4US is a leader in 21st-century healthcare and believes that the ability to heal resides in all of us and that conventional medicine and alternative models of care does not exist in opposition.

IM4US is committed to creating an equitable whole person healthcare system, working with local, regional, and national partners with similar or the same aspiration for the uninsured and underinsured in this country. IM4US also advocates for alternative practitioners to be included in reimbursement so that people have access to more non-pharmacological approaches to care. With our first national conference in 2010 and yearly thereafter and active members and committees, IM4US has offered hundreds of CME hours and hundreds of presentations and tools to integrate into practice all available on our website for members to download and utilize. For more information visit www.im4us.org.