Updated: August 20th, 2020

Laurel, Md. – Maryland University of Integrative Health has been approved to offer a post-baccalaureate certificate in Cannabis Science: Therapeutics, Product Design, and Quality Assurance. This program is one of only a few graduate programs in the U.S. to focus on cannabis and to support this rapidly growing industry. The program educates students about cannabis-based products with an emphasis on health effects, safety, formulation, and quality assurance. The program addresses CBD-dominant hemp-based dietary supplements and wellness products, as well as THC-dominant medical and recreational marijuana.

MUIH’s program uniquely approaches the cannabis field through the primary lenses of herbal medicine and health and wellness. It is designed for individuals who wish to promote evidence-informed, safe, and responsible use of legal high-quality cannabis-based products, especially those with a holistic approach and a focus on a health promotion model rather than a disease management model. The program is ideal for career starters and those seeking an initial career in the cannabis industry or looking to expand their job options within the field. The program is offered online and can be completed in one year.

“Given the public interest in both CBD-dominant hemp products and medical marijuana, there’s an increased need for a cannabis workforce and health care practitioners that understand issues of quality, safety, and appropriate use. This program is designed to meet that need,” says Dr. James Snow, MUIH’s Dean of Academic Affairs.

The program applies theory to practice in considering cannabis as an herb. MUIH has operated an herbal medicine dispensary since 2002. It has served as an educational setting for herbal medicine dispensary practices and quality assurance while providing herbal products to healthcare professionals, herbal medicine students, and the general public. The standards and practices from its herbal medicine dispensary, generalizable to working with a range of herbs for various health and wellness purposes in various settings, are leveraged to inform the theory and non-experiential aspects of the program and its courses.

“The goal of the program is to promote safe and evidence-informed use of legal high-quality cannabis-based products while integrating both scientific and tradition-based use of herbal medicine into the therapeutic practice and product development innovations happening in this new field,” says Program Director Dr. Michael Tims.

The program is grounded in MUIH’s holistic and natural approach to health and wellness, and its long-standing expertise in herbal medicine. MUIH has offered master’s and graduate certificate programs in herbal medicine since 2002.


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