Updated: April 12th, 2022
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MUIH’s Doctor of Clinical Nutrition RD/RDN-DCN Pathway provides opportunities for registered dietitians to accelerate their career goals. 

Laurel, MD – March 30, 2022 – In honor of National Credit Education Month and National Nutrition Month, Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) is promoting their RD/RDN-DCN Pathway, an opportunity for Registered Dietitians (RDs)/Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) to earn their Doctor of Clinical Nutrition in a little over two and a half years without first having to earn a master’s degree.

“Students learn a model of individualized nutrition-based care that addresses the root causes of illness and disease, and is applicable to the chronic, complex health issues that are prevalent today,” notes Dr. James Snow, Interim Department Chair for Nutrition.

This program provides RD/RDNs whose highest degree is a bachelor’s the opportunity to “fast track” their pathway to becoming a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition (DCN) in a program that focuses on contemporary perspectives in functional nutrition.

As one of the leading academic institutions for integrative health in the nation, MUIH is consistently developing programs that meet the needs of their students, alumni, and the marketplace. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a shift across all professions and many people are searching for meaningful ways to re-position themselves to meet market demands in the most time-effective manner possible.

About MUIH 

Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) is a leading academic institution focused on the study and practice of integrative health and wellness and one of the few universities in the U.S. dedicated solely to such practices. Deeply rooted in a holistic philosophy, its model for integrative health and wellness is grounded in whole-person, relationship-centered, evidence-informed care.

Since 1974, MUIH has been a values-driven community educating practitioners and professionals to become future health and wellness leaders through transformative programs grounded in traditional wisdom and contemporary science. MUIH has more than 20 progressive graduate degree programs in a wide range of disciplines, offered on-campus and online.

In the on-campus Natural Care Center and community outreach settings, MUIH provides compassionate and affordable healthcare from student interns and professional practitioners, delivering clinical treatments and consultations throughout each year.

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