Updated: November 5th, 2020

Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) and University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health (UM UCH) are joining forces to bring integrative health services to individuals receiving care at UM Upper Chesapeake Medical Center.

This innovative agreement offers MUIH graduate student interns the opportunity to practice and collaborate with physicians, nurses and other health providers at UM UCH to develop and offer an integrative medical model. In turn, the UM UCH community is served by having the opportunity to experience a wide range of natural approaches to health and healing. In this integrative model the individual is at the very center of his or her healing experience with increased choices for care.

“By all accounts, the future of healthcare in this country depends on a model that embraces collaboration and cooperation among providers and patients,” said Frank Vitale, President and CEO of MUIH. “This agreement between a university dedicated to natural medicine and a health system dedicated to the optimum patient experience is a small step with the potential for enormous impact.”

To begin, MUIH will provide educational sessions for UM UCH team members and patients to learn about natural medicine and integrative health. Soon after, MUIH student interns, under faculty supervision, will provide acupuncture treatments, yoga therapy sessions, nutritional consultations and health and wellness coaching as well as educational programs for UM UCH patients.

“Treating the whole person, not just the disease or symptoms, is an integral focus in the UM UCH Kaufman Cancer Center,” said Lyle E. Sheldon, FACHE, president and CEO of UM UCH. “Our affiliation with MUIH enhances our integrative health therapy services to promote balance of mind, body and spirit—a cornerstone of the mission of UM UCH.”

The first steps to move the agreement toward implementation are in progress. Announcements to faculty and staff of MUIH and to providers and patients of UM UCH will be forthcoming. Both parties look forward to a successful and rewarding collaboration that is expected to create more effective relationships between all health providers and an enhanced standard of care for individuals.


For more information about University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health (UM UCH), visit www.umuch.org