Updated: November 5th, 2020
Reflecting our growth, a number of key people have joined the MUIH community and have taken on roles in the community representing MUIH since the New Year.

Judy Ford will serve as the new Interim Program Manager of the Health and Wellness Coaching Program. She’s a certified coach with the International Coach Federation and holds two masters degrees. She most recently served as the senior vice president of the Center for Leadership Innovation in Maryland and is the founder of her own career, leadership and life coaching firm.

Dr. Maya Maroto will serve as the new Director, Academic Programs, Nutrition and Integrative Health. She’s a Registered Dietitian and most recently worked as a public health nutritionist in the DC government’s Office on Aging.

Dr. Liz Lipski will now serve as the nutrition department’s Director of Academic Development, focusing on designing and recommending new academic programs to Dr. Maroto and representing MUIH across the nation through speaking and teaching engagements.

Deneb Falabella has been appointed to the position of Assistant Provost for Academic Assessment, where she will be charged with advancing our assessment goals and ensuring the quality of our academic programs. Prior to this position, Deneb was the Associate Vice President for Student Teaching Clinic and oversaw work of the Natural Care Center. Falabella is a graduate of the MUIH Master of Acupuncture and still practices part time in the Natural Care Center.

Kristen Pullin will serve as the new Interim Academic Director of our fifth, and newest, academic unit, the Integrative Health and Health Management Department. This department will house a number of proposed academic courses and programs in the areas of integrative practice management and will also be the new home for the Natural Care Center. Prior to her new role, Pullin was a student teaching clinic supervisor and was a primary instructor in several of MUIH’s practice management courses. Pullin is an attorney and a graduate of the MUIH Master of Acupuncture.

Gail Doerr, vice president for marketing and enrollment, has been named a director on the board of Evergreen Health Care. Evergreen Health Care is a consumer-run health insurance co-op established under the Affordable Care Act. Evergreen Health also runs four primary care medical facilities throughout Maryland. Doerr and the other directors will provide strategic input and support for all aspects of the organization and its initiatives.