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The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate (PBC) in Culinary Health and Healing prepares students with the scientifically based principles and practices of whole foods selection and preparation as a foundation for health and wellness. The program celebrates global cuisine and students explore multicultural and culturally specific meal plans. The role of the culinary educator in promoting healthy diets is investigated as well as how to partner with healthcare practitioners and a variety of clients to support health and healing through nutrition. This program fills a national gap in the educational needs of the emerging field of culinary health/medicine.

MUIH’s program is one of only two graduate programs in the U.S. at the intersection of the nutrition and culinary fields and it uniquely focuses on whole foods cooking and holistic health and wellness. This program sets graduates apart from their peers with core competencies in the emerging field of culinary health/medicine and the rapidly growing field of holistic integrative nutrition.

Credits Per Trimester
Total Credits
2 trimesters
Trimester of Entry
Fall, Spring
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I was really looking for a program that went beyond macronutrients and calories considering a client’s whole person including sleep, stress, lifestyle, etc. My own journey to health and weight loss required so much more than “dieting,” and I want to provide my clients a more personal, integrative plan for health.”

-Kateri Payne, MUIH Nutrition Program Alumna

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