On March 13, President Marc Levin highlighted his dreams and vision for MUIH in the official announcement of his appointment as president and CEO. Below are a few highlights:

“My dream is to unleash the collective passion, expertise, and creativity of our community to create a future where we strive to positively impact the health, wellness, and well-being of every person on the planet.”

“My dream is for MUIH to view itself as a real community and to live into that image.”

Following that announcement, the MUIH community was invited to share their dreams and vision for MUIH in order to co-create our future. Organizations typically request such input just from their employees. But here at MUIH, we have a unique view of community that goes beyond the usual bounds. With that in mind, all members of our community, regardless of their affiliation, were invited to participate including employees, students, alumni, patients and clients, continuing education participants, prospective students, external partners and supporters, and anyone who is on our email distribution list.

Three general visionary themes emerged:

  1. Positioning MUIH as a Leader in the Field of Integrative Health
  2. Strengthening the MUIH Community
  3. Expanding Access to Integrative Health and Expanding MUIH’s Outreach

Below are highlights from each of these three themes. If you have any additional dreams or visions for MUIH, click here.

We are grateful to everyone who offered their input and we are excited about our collective future.

Positioning MUIH as a Leader in the Field of Integrative Health

“My dream is that MUIH be the change it wants to see in the world. That we are on the forefront of natural, complementary, and integrative health practices because we’re always looking outside our own institution, country, and continent to discover what is working for others. That we are the leader in integrated health and healthcare, facilitating the integration of different ways of doing/being into conventional health and healthcare models. That we are known for the good work that we do in the world so that we can continue to attract and sow the seeds of change through our graduates and employees.”

“My dreams and vision for MUIH would be for the facility and all those involved to serve as the trailblazing, shining example of the future of health and wellness. MUIH would be viewed at the educational leader and center of excellence for those called to serve others in an integrative and functional health career.”

“I envision MUIH as an epicenter of resources for communities full of empowered persons seeking deeper understanding of self and health.”

“My dream is for MUIH to truly INTEGRATE into the local, state, and national community – for us to be known as the school not only with intellectual rigor and diverse programming but also great heart – for us to be known for graduating “intellectual shamans” who are helping to change the world.”

“I’d like MUIH to be a leader in new paradigms for health and wellness.”

“To be an acknowledged leader in integrative health education. To be known for the cutting edge, quality, innovative and academically rigorous programs that it provides.”

“To become the leader of the natural medicine education revolution. To research advanced diagnostics, therapies, treatments, and remedies which are able to integrate multiple systems of medicine (Chinese, naturopathic, herbal, ayurvedic, nutrition, functional, homeopathic, osteopathic, biotoxin, subtle energetic, spiritual, etc.) into an accessible, effective, scalable, and economically sustainable next-gen medical system for rich and poor alike.”

“I hope we become international leaders in the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions that are insufficiently understood through Western biomedical, reductionist philosophies, such as autoimmune conditions, mental illness, and addiction.”

“My vision for MUIH is to be a competitive and well-known University that provides a multidimensional academic experience through the lens of integrative health theories and practices and to prepare students to not only be trained as integrative health practitioners but to also light the way for a marriage with the conventional medical system in an effort to improve the overall healthcare paradigm.”

“To be recognized as a GLOBAL reference in holistic and integrative health education thanks to technology, online learning and an amazingly open-minded community – faculty, students and staff.”

Strengthening the MUIH Community

“Inside MUIH, my dream is for a community where new members are nurtured and made to feel at home, where current members are valued and tended as whole people supported in living into their best gifts and potential, and where those who have reached the point of retirement or have come to crossroads where they have to step down from pivotal &/or historical roles can be honored and “loved up” by the whole community for their contributions to who we all are as a school and as individuals.”

“I also dream of an institution that fosters community; that includes discussions that go deeper, that critique, that uphold, that question, that debate.”

“My dream for the MUIH is that the overarching perspective of interrelatedness of body-mind-spirit health become embedded in our human culture and that our practitioners, clients, and graduates are able to thrive with this North Star embodied. I learned this perspective in my Master’s program with the Tai Sophia Institute.”

“My dreams for MUIH involve creating an institution that fosters an educational community that is creative/innovative, scholarly, pragmatic and nurturing/healing. I see MUIH as having an institutional mission to prepare students for sustainable, empowering, and rewarding career opportunities and to create such opportunities for its faculty and staff.”

“My vision for our university is that healing presence, as defined by MUIH, is fully embodied by all of our graduates as they treat and as they move through the world; and by all the administrators, faculty and staff in our interactions with each other and with students. By practicing healing presence in our lives, each one of us will contribute to changing the world.”

Expanding Access to Integrative Health and Expanding MUIH’s Outreach

“I think what excites me the most about MUIH is the ability to really have an impact on the health and well-being of the world by training and educating our students and community. I’d like for MUIH to reconnect more with the local community. My dream for MUIH is for it to transition into a place of power, where we are clear about who we are, and what we have to offer.  About why we are all here, and why we all matter and play our part. That the success of every single one of our students is critical to healing the world.”

“My dream is for the Natural Care Center.  That it becomes a truly integrative center where practitioners work together in the service of their clients, and that the center is integrated into the community – citizens and fellow healthcare professionals alike – in which it is located.  That it is a hub overflowing with patients who are yearning for a better way of healthcare, and sets the standard of excellence for this care.”

“I dream that MUIH’s reputation be elevated. That there be synergy between the institution and prominent people in the health and wellness field.”

“I would like to see MUIH continue to become part of the wider community of leading experts in integrative health. This could include research collaborations, teachings collaborations, and offering programs to help others understand and utilize integrative practices in healthcare.”

“My dream is to see MUIH with a presence in urban, Hispanic, LGBTQ, or any of the most underrepresented communities.”

“I would love to see MUIH become a leader in innovative, compassionate, and humane education, not just for our enrolled students but for anyone who could benefit from our work. I think we have an incredible opportunity to do education differently – to apply what we know about healing and whole-person care to education. I’d love to see us embrace this opportunity and show others how learning can be a transformative and healing practice in and of itself. I’d also like to see us become a resource for others in the integrative health education field, in terms of creating and providing open-access educational material that could be shared and built collaboratively.”