I've worked in the nutrition field for 6 years and have spent much of that time coaching new nutritionists on how to start a successful private practice. I believe in bringing affordable healthcare, including nutrition, to clients on all levels and opening access to all.

Professional Narrative

Along with being an Adjunct Faculty at MUIH, Sunny is also BCNS supervisor/mentor with The Nutrition and Herbal Collective. She is a board-certified clinical nutritionist. She has practiced nutrition since 2016. Sunny is also a council member with the BCNS Credentials Council.

Sunny specializes in autoimmune and thyroid spending a lot of time working with women who have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's or hypothyroidism. She firmly believes in a food-first approach to health and wellness. She focuses greatly on behavior modifications for long-term success. Mindful eating, stress adaptions, sleep management, and movement are all things Sunny educates her clients on while making slow, sustainable food modifications. Sunny works with women looking to lose weight and resolve digestive concerns.

Additionally, Sunny utilizes her MBA to assist and guide new nutritionists in establishing the private practice of their dreams. It's hard knowing where to start once graduating and Sunny ensures the path and clear and solid for nutritionists needing business guidance.

Sunny has a Master's in Clinical Nutrition, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Herbal Studies, and an MBA. Sunny thoroughly enjoys educating people and watching them succeed.

Prior to becoming a nutritionist, Sunny spent 20 years in the US Air Force.


IHM 665 - Practice Management

Personal Narrative

Hi! I'm Sunny! A former MUIH student and current nutritionist and nutrition mentor. I have an MBA as well as my MSNIH from MUIH! Since I graduated, I've built my own private practice and specialize in helping women with Hashimoto's Disease. I'm retired from the USAF. During my 20-years, I spent time in Japan, England, Afghanistan, Iraq, and several different states. I spent most of my time as a Federal law enforcement officer. I definitely made a BIG change by pursuing nutrition! So, I can empathize AND sympathize with those making a career shift towards nutrition! My husband and I reside in Texas but love to travel and do so often. We have 3 grown children and 3 dogs.

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