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Curriculum & Course Descriptions

Curriculum Overview

The naturopathic medical curriculum is designed as a sequence that progresses from the foundational aspects of medicine through the clinical correlates and applications of the biomedical and clinical sciences. Throughout the curriculum, students apply naturopathic philosophy and principles, determinants of health, healing presence and the therapeutic alliance, and naturopathic therapeutics to evidence-informed practice.

In year one, students explore the structure and function of the body through the lens of the optimal, normal, and dysfunctional or pathological spectrum of health. Students are introduced to naturopathic principles and philosophy, research literacy, communication, cultural awareness, determinants of health, and ethics as they learn to work within the framework of teams and case-based learning. Clinical experience begins in the first trimester as students observe the clinical encounter and learn to recognize the elements that comprise the clinician-patient relationship. At the end of year one, students pass a clinic entrance exam in preparation for clinical practicum and rotations that begin in year two. 

In years two and three, students integrate the biomedical sciences with naturopathic philosophy, the clinical sciences, and their developing proficiency in diagnosis, assessment, and therapeutics. The many facets of determinants of health are explored and related to patient care, health disparities, health policy, and social justice. Students begin actively engaging in clinical education and learning best business practices.

Students are eligible to sit for the Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Exam Part I (NPLEX I) in the summer of their second year. Didactic course workload is structured to allow sufficient time for study and review. In spring of year three, students pass a clinical proficiency and promotion exam and begin transitioning to the role of primary student clinician.

Year four focuses on practice management and clinical rotations, allowing students to engage fully in supervised clinical practice and pursue special interests. Students will pass a clinic exit exam and begin preparing for NPLEX II and their professional career.



Fall - Year One

Course Code Course Credits
NMBS501 Human Anatomy 4
NMBS501L Anatomy Lab 2
NMBS503 Fundamentals of Biomedicine I 3
NMBS507 Spectrum of Health: Systems I  3.5
NMBS507L Systems I Lab 0.75
NMCI509 Clinical Investigations and Applications I 4
NMIH505 Evolution of Medicine 2
NMPP501 Practitioner's Journey I  3.5
NMCO501 Clinic Observation I 0.25
NMPP520 Naturopathic Medicine Retreat I  0.5
  TOTAL 23.5




Spring - Year One

Course Code Course Credits
NMBS512 Fundamentals of Biomedicine II 3
NMBS515 Spectrum of Health: Systems II  3.5
NMBS515L Systems II Lab  0.75
NMCI510 Clinical Investigations and Applications II 4.5
NMIH510 Public Health  1.5
NMIH514 Bioinformatics I 1.5
NMTH510 Intro to Therapeutics I  7
NMPP512 Practitioner's Journey II  3.5
NMCO511 Clinic Observation II 0.25
  TOTAL 25.5




Summer- Year One 

Course Code Course Credits
NMBS523 Fundamentals of Biomedicine III 2.5
NMBS525 Spectrum of Health: Systems III  3.5
NMBS525L Systems III Lab  0.75
NMIH520 Constitutional Assessment  2
NMIH525 Determinants of Health I 1.5
NMCI521 Clinical Investigations and Applications III 4
NMTH523 Intro to Therapeutics II  4.5
NMTH525 Hydrotherapy 1.5
NMPP523 Practitioner's Journey III  3.5
NMCO521 Clinic Entry 1.5
  TOTAL 25.25




Fall - Year Two

Course Code Course Credits
NMCS601 Brain and Behavior 7
NMCS605 Musculoskeletal and Neurology 5
NMTH601 Physiotherapy Lab 0.5
NMCS609 Hematology and Oncology 4
NMCI601 Clinical Investigations and Applications IV 4
NMPP601 Practitioner's Journey IV 2.5
NMIH605 Research for the Clinician 1.5
NMCE601 Clinic Practicum I 0.75
  TOTAL 25.25




Spring - Year Two

Course Code Course Credits
NMCS614 Cardiology and Pulmonology 7.5
NMCS618 Gastroenterology and Proctology 7.25
NMCS620 Environmental Medicine 2
NMIH614 Determinants of Health II 1.5
NMCI612 Clinical Investigations and Applications V 4
NMPM610 Practice Management I 1
NMPP612 Practitioner's Journey V 1.5
NMCE611 Clinic Practicum II 1.5
  TOTAL 26.25




Summer - Year Two

Course Code Course Credits
NMCS621 Genitourinary 3
NMCS627 Emergency Medicine 2.5
NMTH621 Physical Medicine 2
NMCS629 Endocrinology 2
NMCI622 Clinical Investigations and Applications VI 3
NMPP623 Practitioner's Journey VI 1
NMCE621 Clinic Rotation I 6
  TOTAL 19.5

Fall - Year Three

Course Code Course Credits
NMCS703 Women's Health 4
NMCS707 Men's Health 3.25
NMCS709 EENT 3.5
NMCI703 Clinical Investigations and Applications VII 4
NMPP701 Practitioner's Journey VII 1
NMCE701 Clinic Rotation II 9
  TOTAL 24.75

Spring - Year Three

Course Code Course Credits
NMCS711 Obstetrics and Pediatrics 4.25
NMTH719 IV Therapeutics 1.5
NMCS717 Dermatology and Minor Surgery  3
NMCI715 Clinical Investigations and Applications VIII 3
NMIH714 Determinants of Health III 1.5
NMPM715 Practice Management II  1.5
NMPP712 Practitioner's Journey VIII 1
NMCE713 Clinic Rotation III 9
  TOTAL 24.75

Summer - Year Three

Course Code Course Credits
NMCS722 Geriatrics 2
NMCS726 Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology 2
NMCI723 Clinical Investigations and Applications IX 2
NMIH727 Bioinformatics II 1.5
NMPM721 Practice Management III 1.5
NMPM726 Jurisprudence 1
NMPP723 Practitioner's Journey IX 1
NMCE723 Clinic Rotation IV 9
  TOTAL 20

Fall - Year Four

Course Code Course Credits
NMPM801 Practice Management IV  1.5
NMPP810 Practitioner's Journey X 1
NMCE805 Clinic Rotation V 12
  TOTAL 14.5

Spring - Year Four

Course Code Course Credits
NMPP800 Naturopathic Medicine Retreat II 0.5
NMPM813 Practice Management V 1.5
NMPP821 Practitioner's Journey XI 1
NMCE826 Clinic Rotation VI 12
  TOTAL 15
NMCO500 Fieldwork 1.25
  Total credits 245.5

Course Descriptions

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