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How I Discovered Naturopathic Medicine

Thu. October 12, 2017

Maryland University of Integrative Health is joining the Maryland Naturopathic Doctors Association and the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians in celebration of Naturopathic Medicine Week October 8-14, 2017.

Aminah Keats, N.D., FABNO, is board certified in naturopathic oncology and has specialized in integrative oncology since 2004. She is a fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology and currently practices with Capital Integrative Health in Bethesda, Maryland. We asked Dr. Keats to describe to us how she discovered naturopathic medicine, and how she practices in the field today.

During my senior year in college I discovered naturopathic medicine when I stumbled across an advertisement in the local newspaper for an 8-week course being offered by a naturopathic doctor in the area. I was immediately drawn to the description of naturopathic medicine and the highlighted modalities, nutrition and herbal medicine. After completing the course, I felt like I had found my calling and undoubtedly wanted to pursue a career in naturopathic medicine. I immediately began researching naturopathic medical schools and seven years later I began my studies.

The program was very challenging but gratifying at the same time. Creating bonds with fellow classmates was also a great pleasure. As I entered my final year of study, I thought that I would join a practice near my hometown in New Jersey after graduating. However, this plan changed after my advisor suggested that I look into an integrative oncology residency. I followed her advice and quickly became interested in learning more about the role of naturopathic medicine in oncology care. I then completed a 2-year, hospital-based residency at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. That was about 13 years ago and I continue to specialize in naturopathic oncology care today.

In my practice I emphasize patient-centered care by treating each patient with kindness and respect. Along with this standard, I provide patients with information and a number of different strategies that can be implemented utilizing nutrition, herbal medicine, supplementation and lifestyle factors with the goal of making the internal environment as inhospitable to cancer cells as possible. With these tools in hand my goal is to have patients feel empowered, optimistic and motivated to make significant changes to their health.  

Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH), a national leader in the education and practice of natural medicine, is proud to announce during Naturopathic Medicine Week that it is now accepting applications for its first class of naturopathic medical students to begin in Fall 2018. Learn more