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Go from a bachelors degree to a doctoral degree. Enroll in our Doctor of of Clinical Nutrition program as Registered Dietician, and deepen your clinical nutrition skills and knowledge.

The Doctor of Clinical Nutrition program is a professionally oriented, clinical doctoral program designed to educate students in all aspects of the field of integrative and functional nutrition. It is  one of only two integrative Doctor of Clinical Nutrition program in the U.S. Students will acquire a clinical skill set and knowledge base that prepares them to work with individuals by creating respectful, personalized plans that move people towards health.

Credits Per Trimester
4-6 (based on the trimester)
8-9 trimesters, depending on the start date
Trimester of Entry
Fall, Summer

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Consider Becoming a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition

We encourage any registered dietitians, nutritionists, and other clinicians who are interested in advancing their nutrition-related skills and knowledge to apply for a DCN. You’ll be inspired by what this advanced degree can do for your career and the communities you serve.

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MUIH offers a combination of classes you just cannot get anywhere else in a regionally certified program. In addition to therapeutic nutrition, you will learn optimal ways to prepare foods, how mindfulness affects appetite and digestion, the health promoting role of supplementation and much, much more.

– John Alger

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