How do I determine who is my advisor?

All students have an assigned academic advisor. You may learn more about your assigned advisor by logging into your MUIH Data Portal and selecting “My Programs.” You will find your advisor’s name and contact information on that page. Please view this video on how to access this information.

Do I need to meet with my advisor each trimester?

While advising is not mandatory at MUIH, it is recommended to check in with your advisor if you plan on changing your academic program, adjusting your plan of study or choosing to not follow the prescribed plan shared with you at the beginning of your journey at MUIH, or if you plan on taking a break. Access to recommended plans of study can be found here, while checking on what you have completed thus far can be found here.

Can I switch my program to another program at MUIH?

There are specific stipulations around how a student may pursue other degrees and programs at MUIH, so the answer to this question is: “It depends.” You should contact your assigned advisor to discuss your change in goals, as your advisor understands the policies in place and can provide individualized assistance.

How do I withdraw from my class?

Please review the Course Drop and Withdrawal policy (refund policy is included in this policy) and form found on this page to understand the process. Depending on the timing of your request, you may be able to drop a course, withdraw from a course, or may have to remain in the course.

How do I submit a graduation application?

If you are graduating during the current trimester, please make sure to follow instructions sent to you by your assigned advisor. Advisors send out specific graduation instructions at the beginning of each term with specific details and deadlines. For a general overview of the graduation application submission process, you may review this video..

What’s the difference between “graduation” and “commencement”?

The graduation process at MUIH involves the conferral of a student’s degree and the arrangement of sending a diploma. Students who initiate this process do so by submitting a graduation application and completing specific steps. This process is mutually exclusive of commencement. The term “commencement” is strictly speaking to the yearly walking ceremony held in person. Specific details about commencement can be found on the MUIH Commencement website.

Who should I talk to about Financial Aid?

Financial Aid has a multitude of resources accessible to all prospective and current students. You may learn more about Financial Aid and ways to connect with their office by going to this page.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my invoice or bill?

When can I register for my classes?

Each trimester has a specific period dedicated to open registration for all new and current students. For those specific dates, please visit the Academic Calendar on this page.

Can I take my classes in an order other than the suggested plan of study?

Depending on your program’s requirements and other factors, student may be able to modify their plan of study. Because every student’s situation is unique, please contact your assigned academic advisor to discuss any potential options you may have.

Can I take a break from my program?

Students may have an opportunity to take up to three (3) consecutive trimesters off if they meet the criteria outlined in the Voluntary Break in Enrollment policy found on this page. Students who meet the requirements may submit a Voluntary Break in Enrollment (VBE) request form to the Office of Financial Aid for their approval (if applicable). All students must alert their assigned academic advisor if they plan to take a break from their program to insure they will remain in good academic standing. If a VBE is approved, then an Advising hold will be placed on the student’s account and can be lifted once the student contacts an advisor upon their return to MUIH.

Do we have tutoring? Student assistance?

All new and current students may benefit from the many assistive services, such as tutoring, time management, and study strategies, through the Office of Academic Success. To learn more about these services, you may contact for more information.

How can I maintain my financial aid?

Students utilizing Federal loans through the MUIH Financial Aid Office remain eligible for aid by enrolling part-time in their respective programs. Part-time is denoted as three (3) academic credits of required coursework within a student’s current academic program. Credits outside a student’s program, which can include elective courses that go over a program’s requirements, will not count as eligible credits. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your assigned advisor to learn of ways to potentially mitigate this issue.

How can I maintain my VA benefits?

We appreciate your service as a part of our nation’s military community and realize that access to an education via service-related benefits is crucial to meeting your professional goals. Your assigned advisor is committed to working collaboratively with you and MUIH’s VA Certifying Officials in the Registrar’s Office. To learn more information about application of your benefits, please review the Veterans Benefits page.

Who should I talk to about providing feedback about the online format of classes?

You can reach out to your advisor first and then they can either relay the message or direct you to the appropriate person in the department.

When do I schedule an appointment with my academic advisor?

  • Within the first 3 weeks of your first trimester to introduce yourself and discuss your plans and goals
  • Prior to course registration for the upcoming trimester
  • To review curriculum and graduation progression
  • When you are considering making adjustments to your schedule
  • When you need to develop a modified Plan of Study
  • When you are having academic difficulty and need to discuss your options and resources
  • When you are in need of academic or other resources and would like assistance in getting connected to those resources
  • When you would like to discuss a change of program or adding a program
  • When you need clarification regarding an academic or University policy
  • When you need to discuss taking a Voluntary Break in Enrollment from the University
  • To understand and improve academic standing

How do I schedule an appointment with my assigned advisor?

Caressa Olivo
Health and Wellness Coaching, Health Promotion & Integrative Health Sciences

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Chelsey Barrett
Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

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Matt Mazick
Ayurvedic Wellness Practices, Herbal Medicine & Yoga Therapy

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Casey Simms
Nutrition and Integrative Health

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Laura Steck
Nutrition and Integrative Health

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