Read what clients have to say about the Herbal Clinic for All:

“I just wanted to take a moment to express my deep and sincere gratitude for all that you and the herbal clinic has done for me! Without the donations to the herbal clinic I could not have afforded the services offered by the Natural Care Clinic. This gracious offering from the clinic has made it possible for me to see you and benefit from the herbs offered. I still have a long journey back to optimal health, but I believe the herbs recommended to me will be one of the many tools that will aid me in this journey.” —Sara Keough

“When I walk into the clinic it’s like walking into an environment of calm. The staff although professional, seem to take a personal interest in each client. When I leave the clinic theres a completeness that I take with me. The herbal meds seem to support any symptoms I may be experiencing and in turn leaves me with energy I felt I thought was gone. I love learning how to cook healthy it has helped me tremendously to enjoy cooking and serving tasty meals for my family.” —Jean Gunn

“I’m so thankful for the Herbal Clinical For All program, and for you to extend that offer to me when I really needed it has helped so much. The program came just in time for me, as I was experiencing several financial issues, yet the progress that I had been making through previous sessions had begun to escalate so much so that I felt the need to continue and explore my wellness possibilities. Because of the program, I feel that I had the opportunity to continue and deepen my sense of well-being to the point where I find that I am currently in a better place, both physically and mentally, than I ever have been.” —Bianca McDonnell