Remember why you were first drawn to nursing?

  • To make a difference in people’s lives
  • To practice relationship-centered healing
  • To use the best of scientific research and inner wisdom

Values-Based Healing

All these aspects of healing are central to the way Maryland University of Integrative Health teaches and practices. In addition to learning a specific wellness or healing discipline, our student experience includes a strong focus on personal transformation, mindfulness, and empathy.

Career Opportunities

Patients and consumers are seeking–actually demanding–a different approach to health care than they have been experiencing in this country. It’s the kind of health care you had hoped, and maybe have struggled, to provide.

As a nurse, you are perfectly positioned to deliver on the promise of integrative health and wellness. Your educational and professional background makes a sound foundation for starting one of our programs and seamlessly expanding or shifting your career.

Graduate Degrees and Certificates in:

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Gain comprehensive knowledge and clinical expertise to skillfully treat using this 2500-year-old, elegant healing art.

Health and Wellness Coaching

Help patients to clarify health goals, identify and overcome resistance, and sustain life-changing behaviors.

Nutrition and Integrative Health

Become an expert in evidence-based, whole foods, holistic nutrition and become eligible for national board certification.

Health Promotion

Understand health science from an integrative, wellness perspective and learn how to empower individuals or populations to make life enhancing shifts.

Herbal Medicine

Become a leading practitioner in the therapeutic use of medicinal plants or an expert in research or industry.

Yoga Therapy

If you are a yoga teacher, you can now broaden your expertise, increase your effectiveness, and grow your business with a deeper knowledge of yoga as a therapeutic healing discipline.

Credibility, Flexibility, Affordability

  • All programs are endorsed by the Maryland Higher Education Commission
  • The University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education
  • Flexible and adaptive schedules for programs
  • Federal financial is aid available for all academic degrees and certificates

All the reasons you became a nurse are the same reasons to move your career toward integrative health. We look forward to helping you navigate this new path.

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