The MUIH Student Experience Survey 2014 is now closed.

Maryland University of Integrative Health would like to thank all of the students, faculty, and staff who contributed to the MUIH Student Experience Survey 2014.

Congratulations to Sherryl Hartman and Ryan Holmes of the Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health program! They were each randomly selected by Noel-Levitz as the winners of our $50 Amazon Gift Card and $50 Starbucks Gift Card prize drawings for survey participants who completed the MUIH Student Experience Survey between July 18 and July 27, 2014 and between July 18 and August 3, 2014.*

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who are we surveying?

All degree-seeking MUIH students who are enrolled in a program during the Summer 2014 term will be invited to participate. Students who are enrolled in the non-degree Program for Advanced Special Students (PASS) will not be included in this particular survey.

2. Is the survey anonymous?

All individual responses to the survey are confidential. Each student will receive an individual login and passcode generated by the survey company, Noel-Levitz. The codes will allow MUIH to track who has responded and who has not. When MUIH receives survey results from Noel-Levitz, all identifying information will be disconnected from the results.

3. When will the survey be conducted?

The survey will open on July 18. On that date, students will receive an invitation (via their MUIH email accounts) with a personalized passcode and link to the survey. Up to two reminder emails will also be sent to encourage those students who haven’t responded before the survey closes on August 3rd.

4. Why are we conducting the survey?

We want to learn more about our students’ experiences and satisfaction so that we can better support student success. Survey results will provide important data to help inform decision-making and to support our efforts for continued institutional assessment and improvement.

5. What is the survey about?

The survey asks students questions about what is important to them as well as their overall satisfaction with their experiences at MUIH. It also asks for feedback regarding specific areas related to academic and support services at MUIH, such as faculty instruction, advising, financial aid, etc.

6. What survey tool will be used?

After researching published survey options, the MUIH Student Experience Survey steering committee selected the Adult Student Priorities Survey (ASPS) from Noel-Levitz as the best tool to help us learn about our students’ perspectives and satisfaction at this time. The ASPS is considered a highly reliable and valid tool, and, more importantly, it has been developed for use by adult learners—including those at the graduate level.

7. Who developed the survey questions?

The survey includes 50 questions that were developed by Noel-Levitz along with 20 questions that were developed by MUIH utilizing input gathered through a series of focus groups and interviews with MUIH student and faculty representatives in April and May 2014. MUIH thanks our student and faculty participants for their candid responses that helped us to design our customized questions to reflect areas that are significant to our student body.

8. How long will it take to complete the survey?

Noel-Levitz, the company that developed the survey, estimates that it will take about 20 minutes to complete the survey. Students must complete the survey in one sitting—otherwise, they will have to start at the beginning if they return to the survey.

9. Will students receive anything in appreciation for responding?

Each student who completes the survey will receive a limited edition MUIH tote bag as a “Thank You” from MUIH. After completing the survey, students will be directed to a separate webpage (disassociated from the survey) to enter their contact information so that we can ship the tote bag.

10. How is this different from the IDEA course evaluations?

The ASPS survey asks about students’ general experiences at MUIH. It does not ask about specific courses, instructors, or curricula. In contrast to the IDEA course evaluations which are targeted to help instructors and departments improve teaching and academic coursework, this survey is more broadly focused to help us improve additional services and supports. The survey is also designed to help us better understand what is important to our students.

11. What can faculty and staff do to help?

As you talk with students, please let them know that this is an important effort for us as well as an opportunity for them to share their perspectives so that we can make improvements. Please encourage them to participate in the survey. If you or students have questions about the survey or process, please contact Deneb Falabella, Assistant Provost for Academic Assessment, at or 410-888-9048 ext.6681.

12. What kind of results will MUIH receive from the survey?

MUIH will receive summary results for all student respondents for each individual question and combined scores for topics that have multiple questions. We’ll also receive summaries based on demographics of certain subgroups (such as online students) as well as a set of national results from other schools that have conducted the same survey. All individual responses will be kept confidential; Noel-Levitz (the survey company) will keep that data separate from the reports that MUIH will review.

13. Will faculty and students receive information about the survey results?

We plan to share the results with faculty and students in a special communication during the Fall 2014 trimester.

14. Who do I contact if I have trouble with the survey, or for more information?

Deneb Falabella, Assistant Provost for Academic Assessment, at or 410-888-9048 ext.6681.

MUIH would like to thank Marylhurst University for granting permission for us to use their “Frequently Asked Questions: 2013 Student Survey” as a template for our FAQs above.


*All survey participants who completed the survey between July 18 and July 27, 2014 were entered into a contest drawing to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card, and all survey participants who completed the survey between July 18 and Aug 3, 2014 were entered into a contest drawing to win a $50 Starbucks Gift Card, unless they were also staff and/or faculty of MUIH. One gift card was awarded for each contest period and the odds of winning were determined by the number of submissions during the contest period.