Nutrition & Integrative Health


“To be able to assist others one-on-one and find what works for them and makes them feel well is an amazing feeling. Coupling that with the ability to delve into the science makes for an amazing left and right brain experience.”

What drew you to MUIH?

In 2011, I was enrolled in a physics doctoral program and had gradually become less fulfilled by the program and future career possibilities that lay within that realm. I knew it was time for a shift and had been delving into energy medicine for the past year and a half and had worked with several nutritionists. With that combination, I healed myself fully from an aggressive form of Crohn’s and I felt called to delve into nutrition because it played an integral role in my healing journey. Beyond that, I wanted to be able to help others on their journey from both a physical and spiritual perspective. As MUIH incorporated several aspects of spirituality, while still being very science-minded, it appealed to me as an ideal place to study nutrition.

What excited you about your academic field?

Knowing the power that nutrition holds. To be able to assist others in a one-on-one setting and find what works for them and makes them feel well is an amazing feeling. Coupling that with the ability to delve into the science, which is always being updated and expanded, makes for an amazing left and right brain experience.

Has there been a course you’ve particularly enjoyed?

Given the challenge to select just one I would say “Advanced Biochemistry, Pathophysiology, and Assessment.” Bringing together everything and really finding out how much you know is great. However, the professor really plays a big role in any course and I would say having had Dr. Bryan Walsh greatly contributed to this selection.

Can you speak about the faculty here?

Following up on my answer to the prior question, the faculty are all amazing. Probably their greatest collective attribute for the students is the exposure they provide to numerous practice methodologies. To talk about each professor one-by-one is probably too much; suffice it to say having come from a prior program, there is no comparison.

What’s your best MUIH memory?

Many great ones but I truly think the best are yet to be made.

How will you use what you’ve learned here?

I intend to go into private practice for a while and utilize all that I have learned here as one large piece of my foundation. I have also learned I am not alone in my healing journey and that has inspired me to write a book which is a project I am currently working on.

What would you say about MUIH to a prospective student who is interested in attending?

You, in all your uniqueness, will always be welcome here. One of the greatest gifts this university has to offer is that diversity in personality is truly accepted by every student. It’s so much part of who we are and it’s not even advertised.

What is the one word that comes to mind when you think of MUIH?


Joshua Nachman is a graduate of MUIH’s Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health.