Health and Wellness Coaching


“I started this program to learn how to enable others to succeed and that is my passion.”

What drew you to MUIH?

After researching a number of programs, I found that the school had an excellent reputation. In addition I was drawn to the option of attending classes in person or online.

What excites you about your academic field of study?

After having great results with some personal changes, I found a passion for wanting to help others that might be struggling. I look back at the changes I made and it is easy to see where working with a health and wellness coach would have helped. I truly enjoy seeing others succeed and want the skills to enable them to do so.

Has there been a course you’ve particularly enjoyed?

Yes, the COA 620 class where we worked with actual clients was amazing! To be able to take what we have learned and begin applying it to the benefit of others was a great experience.

Can you speak about the faculty here?

I have enjoyed every member of the faculty that has taught my classes. They are all so friendly and helpful. They are all willing to provide support within the program and guidance to any questions I have had.

What is your best MUIH memory?

So far—the very first day of classes. Starting new can often be intimidating, but within the first few minutes, that all went away. Teachers and fellow students were so welcoming on that first day. It stands out as the beginning of a new path that is so exciting.

How do you plan to use what you’ve learned here?

My main goal is to create my own coaching practice. I started this program to learn how to enable others to succeed and that is my passion.

What would you say about MUIH to a prospective student who is interested in attending?

Do it! The school is amazing. The people are amazing. You will learn amazing new skills. I have already made new lifelong friends. When I first joined the program, I was transitioning from a completely different career path. I can say that making this transition and starting at MUIH was one of my better decisions in life.

What is the one word that comes to mind when you think of MUIH?